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Every year, as many as 200,000 live dogs are smuggled from Thailand into Vietnam, where they will be slaughtered and served in restaurants.
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Every year, up to 200,000 live stray dogs and pets are smuggled from northeast Thailand to Vietnam, where they will be used as meat for restaurants. Dogs are stuffed into cages and packed 1,000 to a truck on a journey that lasts for days. Most become dehydrated and panicked; many die on the trip.

Once the dogs arrive in Vietnam, they are placed in confining "stress cages" that restrict their movement. Eventually, the dogs are bludgeoned and sometimes skinned alive in front of other dogs.
Many of these smuggled dogs are stolen family pets.
Various Thai activist groups are working to get an Animal Welfare Bill through Thai Parliament. If passed, criminals would receive harsher penalties for smuggling dogs. Please sign the petition to urge Thai Parliament to pass this Animal Welfare Bill!
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